It’s begun.

We say that almost like we were waiting for an invasion…and we were. “Fifty Shades of Grey” has certainly invaded mainstream, but what we’ve been waiting for is a response out of Hollywood.

Fans have no problem offering up who they can envision in the role of Christian (and Ana), but we’ve been excited for actors to step up to the plate and declare an interest in the role.

Ian Somerhalder (Lost, The Vampire Diaries) was the first! He did so on Ryan Seacrest‘s radio show, letting us know he was interested in portraying Christian in the upcoming movie. You can watch the interview here (and let us know how to interpret his body language as he spoke).

Ian SomerhalderNext, Access Hollywood asked Chris Pine (Star Trek) about the role. He replied, “It’d be a hell of a choice for me, I think,” hopefully meaning he’d be up for it. You can read more here.

Chris Pine

William Levy, who has been participating on this season’s Dancing with the Stars on ABC, replied to his fans about the role on twitter.

William Levy

Who do you think will be next to voice an interest in playing Christian?

50 thoughts on “It’s begun.

  1. I’m hoping it will be Henry Cavill!!!!! He’s perfect for the role! :) Tall, beautiful blue eyes, Fucking Hot, right age…..I could go on forever!

  2. Chris Hemsworth is my number one choice!! 6’4 muscular, commanding and domineering!! Not to mention drop dead gorgeous!! Henry Cavill is my number two choice!! While I love Ian S. and Chris Pine they just aren’t tall enough nor do they have a commanding pressence!! Whom ever they chose in the end needs to be perfect otherwise it will effect the tone of the movie because honestly if it’s the wrong Mr. Grey I will be thinking long and hard as to whether or not I will see it!!

  3. Going on looks alone, I can really see Ian as Christian…Of course I still have high hopes for Ryan Gosling! Ok, maybe not high hopes…more like…delusions.

    I really think I’d like to see a new face as Christian. Or at least someone not incredibly well known.

  4. After seeing Henry Cavill in the British Dunhill commercials. He could really pull it off. for sms they need to find an unknown actress.

  5. There are so many good choices it’s hard to pinpoint who would make the ‘best’ Fifty. I’m liking the Gos, Henry Cavill, and of course Rob is my number 1.

  6. HA! Alright…you got me on the height thing…If we can’t have Rob, I would vote for Ian. Althought, William Levy is very…appealing? LOL I’m trying to not be crass here. This is a respectable site. NHB

    • I’m with you on this one NHB, Ian has already shown he can play a mood swing-y, high sex appeal character. I’ve been picturing him as Christian all along.

      • See…these ladies don’t think he can do it. Thank you BTM!

      • you guys have it all wrong. michael fassbender should play christian grey.

      • I didn’t. Know the name, so I looked up Michael Fassbender. Are you kidding? Although he’s only a year older than Ian he looks significantly older. At the beginning of the story Christian is 27 years old. There is no way in all of movie magic that I would buy him as a 27 year old.

  7. 1st, pine is too ugly. Fifty is perfect and pine just isn’t.
    2nd, Fifty is not cuban. Levy’s out.
    3rd, Ian has everything to play Fifty but the height. How tall is he anyway. He looks short.
    Henry is my 2nd for the role. I just dont see anyone to fit. If they go with an unknown actor, i hope they get someone who naturally fits the description of Fifty.

    • Ian is 5’10”, but all you have to do is cast someone short as Ana, or, ya know, use movie magic :D Hollywood can’t let a little thing like height ruin this for someone who is otherwise a perfect candidate.

  8. omg, please please let it be Matt Bomer. He is so super hot! Just do a google image search of him…you’ll totally agree!

  9. I am all for Ian Somerhalder…. none of these other actors have the mysterious, mischievous, not to mention memorizing face/eyes that Ian has. At least that is my opinion.

  10. I bought the 3 books nine days ago & finished Freed yesterday. I’m sooooooo sad!!!!

    By the second book, I had though of Ian (lost) for Christian Grey! Now its all I hear. He’d be awesome. My SIL loves him in Vamp Diaries.

    Also, I think writing the books from his prospective would be awesome. Could you imagine being inside Christian Greys head ???

  11. How about Chris Evans? He plays “Captian America” in the “Avengers”. Totally gorgeous, great body and perfect hair color;). Also, I don’t think Willam Levy would be be bad either. NO Rob though, sorry ladies, just NO!!!! Ian would be ok too. Not very tall, but you know the magic of Hollywood can do just about anything;). Henry Cavill is my first choice though!

  12. definatley.. DEFINATLEY!!! DEFINATLEY!!! Should be played by Ian Somerhalder he has voiced intrest on Chelsea Lately and Ryan Seacrest!! when i watched RS interview you could tell more than his words he wanted it.. but he didn’t want to say to much cause he doesn’t want to jinxx it!! the way he speaks to the sexy eyes, to the amazing look and body he has. to his amazing acting on VD i think he is made to play this role!! i only hope Hollywood agrees and makes it happen. all over FB and twitter and talk shows people have been agreeing that Ian should be Christian, as do I, and Wendy williams even said on her show he has the eyes and looks that make you want to tie you up with a grey tie!! lol

    • I think Ian should start dressing like Christian all the time to subliminally market himself to the casting folks ;)

  13. Ian Somerhalder should have the role, without a doubt. The part of Christian was written for him. He’s got the looks and the attitude. Watching Vampire Diaries one knows he can do the hot, cold, sexy, mysterious and everything in between. He’s got the right husky voice for the part and the clean look. My only concern would be him being too small, but that also depends on who plays Ana. I’ll be so disappointed of they don’t cast him.

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  15. Aww I want Ian to get the role! I just hate that he’s on Vampire Diaries, cause his character kinda reminds me of Christian, and its like he’ll be playing the same guy. BUT it proves that he can handle the character. I just hope hollywood doesn’t ruin this movie. It better not be some overly advertised, in your face movie like Twilight or the Hunger Games. I think it has so much potential to be award winning, like at independent awards. IT better be rated R and not some teen movie.

  16. Christian was written undoubtedly with Ian Somerhalder in mind!!! He is Grey from physical to mood based on his acting and his own demeanor! For Ana, I would say Alexis Bledel or a young and strikingly beautiful natural brunette with blue eyes…Diana Aragon should be Kate and as a huge Twilight fan I contest that the casts should NOT mesh…this is a spanking new franchise (don’t mind the pun…)!

  17. when i read the books i can only imagine Christian being played by the lovely Simon baker. what does everyone else think?

  18. Just because William Levy is Cuban does not take him out. How crass! Anybody ever heard of Dialect coaches? This is what GOOD actors do, all the time. As for looks he’s an Adonis has worn his hair copper, and that’s what you need not these short boys.
    As for the Female lead, the best by far is a British actress, Jessica Brown Findlay from Downton Abbey, not sure if they can get her, she’s so busy doing two movies and the series, but it’s worth a try. Oh, yeah..and like others she’s going to use an dialect coach. God, if Christian Bale can lose his accent so can Levy and Brown Findlay. She’s perfect in terms of look, long dark hair, very young, blue blue eyes. Great little actress in big demand.

  19. Alexander Skarsgard…….mmmmmm he would fill the Dom role to a T! Even the way he speaks (in True Blood) screams Christian Grey, his demeanor is always bossy yet classy and yet he can make your heart melt plus he’s already shown he bring the raw intensity needed to the sex scenes! He gets my number 1 vote! So excited to see these books being brought to life!

  20. My first choice is William Levy. I don’t speak nor understand Spanish, but when I watched Cuidado con el Angel and Sortilegio just cuz I got suckered in by his looks, I was/still am mesmerized. This man delivers in any language. He made me want to learn Spanish.

    Henry Cavill will do nicely as well.

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