Hitting the Mainstream

Fifty Shades of Grey has been buzzing everywhere! It has hit the mainstream in a BIG way with a steady stream of events over the past few weeks.

We’re still giggling over Ellen’s ‘failed’ FSoG audiobook audition as seen on The Ellen Show (@theEllenShow).

Perhaps the actor yet to be cast as Christian Grey has already been a guest of her show!

Of course we knew we could count on Ellen for a laugh, but I think we were all a bit surprised (yet intrigued) to hear that Dr. Oz was going to talk seriously about the books. He gathered together a panel of experts and audience members who had read the book to discuss the benefits the story was having in the bedroom. If you missed that episode of The Dr. Oz Show, you can watch it here:

50 Shades of Grey: The Cure for Your Libido

Finally, if it’s mainstream and it’s bigtime, it’s gonna end up being parodied on Saturday Night Live! With a hilarious take on the viral tag ‘mommy porn,’ this past weekend’s episode of SNL included what we hope will be the first of many FSoG-inspired skits!

SNL Amazon Mother’s Day Ad

And in case you were wondering what E L James thought of the skit:

@Krystih I laughed my socks off…

Where do you foresee FSoG popping up next?

One thought on “Hitting the Mainstream

  1. Hahaha i just about pissed my pants with the elln reading. I also like that dr oz loved the book and wants his wife to read it. I knew he was a freak in the sheets! Hahahaha i didnt know snl did a skit.

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