MTV News Is Listening…

and so are we!

We recently conducted a quick Twitter poll to see who YOUR top three choices were to play Anastasia Steele in the upcoming movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey.

While names like Kristen Stewart, Lucy Hale, Emilia Clarke, Allison Williams, Shailene Woodley, Ashley Greene, Emma Stone, Katherine McPhee, Lilly Collins, Nikki Reed, and Amanda Crew were mentioned, your top three picks were as follows:

#1 Emmy Rossum

#2 Alexis Bledel

#3 Unknown/Newcomer

The reason we took the poll was so that your voice could be heard in an MTV News (@mtvnews) article written by Christina Garabaldi (@ChristinaMTV). You can read all of the articles in her series by clicking on the links below.

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’: Experts Cast Christian Grey

Is ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Too Hot For An R Rating?

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’: Experts Cast Anastasia Steele

Thank you again to those of you who participated in the poll! For more news on your favorite subject, go to (here) and do a keyword search for “Fifty Shades.”

It’s early in the print-to-screen process, so keep your suggestions coming in the comments and on twitter (@50ShadesMovie). You just never know who might be listening!

22 thoughts on “MTV News Is Listening…

  1. Yep It would be ALEXIS for Ana basing on the character & profile but minus those erotic scenes from the book. Can they (producers/writers) make the movie concentrate more on the love story than the so-called erotic scene/s (as mentioned) from the book?!

    • i absolutely think she could do the erotic scenes for sure, she already did some mature roles before this enough to take on this type of character.

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  3. Alexis Bledel was my number one pick for the beginning but as the character progresses- she becomes quite a vixen. Alexis is very cutesy, not at all sexy though. I’d like to see Allison Williams please!

  4. Alexis Bledel as Anastasia Grey! For those of you who say that Alexis couldn’t handle erotic scenes, why don’t you guys try watching her recent stint at “madmen”.

  5. Alexandra Daddario & Henry Cavill no one else can play Christian. henry is the only one who has the physical description, done the nudity & steamy scenes already, & has such a versatile look that he can look dominant & controlling, tortured & pained & has that boyish smile which Christain is suppose to have. No on else has the looks AND the experience that he has had with this type of character. Ian looks to evil bad boy, & not like a classy businessman at all. Christian is suppose to be Dark on the inside & a classy greek god looking businessman with a boyish smile on the outside. Alexandra fits every description of Ana including the big BLUE eyes. She has an innocent beauty requiring no makeup, yet at 26 she looks 22 & innocent for the beginning of the movie, yet mature enough for the steamy scenes as the realtionship progresses & can look sexy when need be. Her look is also more versatile than the others mentioned, my 2nd choice for Ana is Lindsey Fonseca, but I feel Alexandra look more innocent. I can also see Lindsey playing Leila, she does beautiful crazy well to.

    • I agree completely with some of your points. #1 no one but Henry Cavill should play this role. He is the protype for Christian Grey. I saw a picture of Lindsey Fonsenca and I feel that she would make a great Ana.

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