Fifty Shades Back In Hollywood!

With author E L James and her agent, Valerie Hoskins (Valerie Hoskins Associates), back in the U.S. this week, we are anxiously awaiting news on the next step in the movie process, which will most likely be the selection of a producer.

In the meantime, like many of you, we have been following the tweets of writer/producer/director (American PsychoBret Easton Ellis since he first said the following:

Bret Easton EllisBret Easton Ellis@BretEastonEllis

I’m putting myself out there to write the movie adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey”…
We love to hear anyone in the industry expressing interest over the story! We thought this was particularly interesting because many fans have suggested Christian Bale would give a great portrayal of Christian Grey based on his performance as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho.
He went on to divulge in tweets that he had notified his team about making a pitch this week. The fan response seems to be divided, however, with some fans expressing that the screenplay should be written by a woman. There has been an outcry over the actors and actresses he voiced he could imagine in the roles of Christian and Ana, especially when he ruled out fan favorite Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries). He has since tweeted that he would be contacting Ian.
We here at FStM aren’t worried, though. We realize these were just his initial suggestions before a potential meeting with Ms. James, who we also know has her own picks in mind. (Information she is withholding even from her own mother!)
As always, we are confident Ms. James will make her final selection for a screenwriter based on who is willing to be true to her vision of the movie, just as she did when she chose Universal Pictures and Focus Features to award the movie rights to. Per this article with, Ms. Hoskins said the movie “needs to be classy, sexy rather than full of sex” and they are seeking people to work with who have an understanding that this is meant to be a collaborative effort.
So who would you like to see adapt the screenplay? Would you prefer a woman for the task?

20 thoughts on “Fifty Shades Back In Hollywood!

  1. My two cents…. as long as the screen play writer and director understand the complexity of Christian Grey they will do him justice no matter if they are a man or woman. These characters are truly all complex so there is much work to be done when it comes to them being brought correctly to the big screen. I can’t wait to hear more on this progress.

  2. I would love for mrs. James to collaborate with a screenwriter. For her to write it with them instead of just looking over what they wrote. That way we can be sure the characters would be the same.

  3. To me, it doesn’t matter who does it, man or woman, as long as they stay as true to the book as possible, and don’t screw it up like a lot of movies made from books are.

  4. Once again, as long as Ms. James is in the lead chair guiding her story, I’m confident in whomever they choose for any production role. Screenwriter is pivotal, male or female, it has to be someone with experience and is proven at their craft.
    Watching all this unfold, one step at a time, is like it was reading the story as it too was a work in progress. Exciting!

  5. I really don’t think it matters whether it’s a man or woman writing it. As long as they can understand the characters, more specifically the complexity of Christian, and stay as true to the book as possible, or at least as true to E.L. James’ vision of the movie, it will be fine.

  6. I’m absolutely outraged at the idea of these books being adapted to movies. In my opinion, they should be nothing other than an HBO or Showtime mini series. They are far too explicit to be in theaters and if they are adapted to be as such, I believe audiences will be severely disappointed. As for the roles, I would love to see either Alexander Skarsgard or Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey and Emilia Clarke as Anastasia Steele. I must say that I agree with Alexander Skarsgard’s comment that he was born to play that role. Anyone who loves Christian Grey,I recommend watching Skarsgard as Eric Northman on True Blood.

  7. A woman had to be the screen writer. A male might make it too cheap , and not focus on what really makes this book sincere!! Plus please make sure their is no old dude playing the role, he is suppose to be only 27!! An actor not too well known would be best!! Like: Henry Cavill is exactly what I imagine. And for Ana: Adrianne Palicki! Check them out on imdb!!

    • A lot of fans have mentioned Gabriel as of late. One of our primary criteria for Christian actor has always been that he needs to wear a suit well. That first meeting of Christian in the office is going to set the stage for the character’s power and prowness. So we aren’t surprised that seeing Gabriel in his role on “Suits” where he is in a suit and office makes you think of Fifty!!! We see it too!

  8. Hi I really think a movie would never live up to the books, the imagination is the tool to drive our pictures in our head, no movie will match our expectation. The books are the best read ever, big thumbs up, just keeping writing more.

  9. As long as they make the film just like in the book then all will be grand. I would love the actor dan hardy is it ? Know thats his surname, to play mr grey & megan fox for ana that would be fab.

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  11. I would love the read about Christians point of few!!!!! I’m reading the books again for the 2nd time because I love them so much

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