Fifty Shades, In His Own Words

With the movie development still in the early stages and fans feeling a sense of ‘missing’ the story and characters (yearning for more) once they reach the end of Fifty Shades Freed, author E L James has been asked repeatedly to write the story from Christian’s point of view.

A recent article in the NY Daily News fueled rumors when an unnamed source reported that Ms. James “is considering rewriting the best-selling trilogy” from the perspective of Christian Grey.

We are sure the recent whirlwind of book signings, travel, and movie studio meetings has left the author with little writing time. However, Ms. James has acknowledged that her fans are requesting Christian’s point of view. As previously mentioned here, she even addressed the question during her recent U.S. book tour, leaving the (RRoP) door open by replying, “Never say never.”

While the thought of getting to spend more time with the characters we have all come to know and love is exciting, we think that if she ultimately adds to the series, it is more likely to end up being one book that expresses his story and explores his history rather than chapter-for-chapter companion novels. But to borrow a phrase… Never say never.

Don’t we all want to know what’s going on inside Fifty’s tortured soul? What he’s thinking when Ana joins him in the darkness? What he’s feeling when she brings him into the light?

Would you be interested in reading a book added to the trilogy if it was told in Christian’s voice?

138 thoughts on “Fifty Shades, In His Own Words

    • Would absolutely LOVE it. At the end of Fifty Shades FREED~~~his commentary on his “thoughts” re: Anastasia were VERY FIFTY!!!!!

    • Yes, yes, yes,,,,James is such an excellent writer would love her Christian version. And the only actor to play Christian is Chris Hemsworth !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It would be the greatest thing to read it from Christian’s point of view. There is a whole story left to be told. Explains alot when you know why he does and says what he does. Please please write more.

    • I am in tears my book ended with the Epilogue and no Christian POV! If anyone out there has it could you please send to my email:
      I know it is a fictional book – but a girl can dream – can’t she?
      Thank you.

      Yes – I would read a book told in Christian’s voice. But would wonder how difficult it would be to do this because the author is a woman. Could she really pull it of – like her 3 books? ( i would hope so)

  1. I honestly feel that if E.L wrote a book about Christians point of view….she would most definetly make the NY Times Best Seller list again for sure no doubt. It would be such a shame if she did not. I , like many other of her book fans pray that she does! “Fifty Shades Christian”

  2. I would absolutely love to read Fifty Shades from Christian’s point of view. He’s a complicated man and it would add to our understanding of what broke him, what he felt both good and bad, and finally what it felt to be given unconditional love and acceptance. Oh yeah, let’s not forget how delicious it would be to get more in the way of reliving our favorite story.
    btw: 17FL, your, “This man in need…” banner is stunning.

  3. I would absolutely love to read Fifty Shades from Christian’s point of view.I have always wondered what he would have to say since I read MOTU. Yes, please yes Icy give us more

  4. I would love ANYTHING in Fifty’s voice! I don’t care if it’s one book or all three! Of course, the more the better! But I will take what I can get! I adore him! XOX

  5. OH MY GOD YES!!!!!! I would LOVE it. I would love to know what exactly is going on in that head of his. He’s so tortured, I’d really like to get a better look/understanding of that.

  6. We also need a prequel and a sequel to the trilogy – what happened in his past, and the trials & tribulations that they will encounter in the future. Also, greater development of the other key characters would be interesting.

  7. I have a million questions that only Christian can answer. His POV is awesome at the end of Freed. We need his POV to hear all his thoughts.

  8. Would i read it? Thats an easy answer, yes. I would read the phone book if Icy wrote it. But reall, 50 is 50. He is like this for a reason. Do yall really think he would open up and tell us everthing. Look how long it took him to open up to ana. That would be a big hell no.
    Maybe the pov from christians doctor. Like his doc wants to write a book and 50 gives him the okay. So we get to sit in on their sessions. It would be a medical book, not a tell all. I think thhat would be a great idea for icy.

  9. Please please please write more!!!!! Reading it from Christians side would be excellent!! And fifty shades book would make a brilliant movie!!!! Thanks for these mind escaping books, these are what fantasies are made of, from a truly British fan x

  10. YES!!!! Please write this book, and keep the Ana/Christian story going. I keep re-reading the trilogy because I just cannot get enought!!!! #1 Fan

  11. I would most definitely read it – without question or hesitation.
    I just finished the third book and am craving something more. So I’ve started book one again.
    Another book from Mr. Grey’s POV would be absolutely perfect!

  12. The thought of reading it all again from his POV would be amazing. !!!! Omg can’t get enough of him. Just got my fifty chain. (got a tie on it and either side has a mask and handcuffs) it’s awsome and I love it.

    Ps happy birthday Mr Grey for today. Xxx

  13. I would so read the whole trilogy again if she rewrote if in Christian point of view! I would think it would be even more seductive and an even more amazing read!!!

  14. These were the stupidest books I have ever read. Yes, I read all three. I don’t know why????? I question my own judgment. I can tell you that I NEVER skip or skim text but in these books that is ALL I found myself doing. Holy _____ and Mercurial and Kinky F_____. Reuse of phrases and terms. I think the author got excited by a new vocabulary word! Hello people – read a real book. This is garbage.

    • All books are good! They all serve a purpose. The fact that you don’t like these is irrelevant. The author has already stated that these works were the result of her imagination. That they were an expression of her midlife crisis in print. She never expected that they would become what they have. Many women (and men) love these books! Get down from your soap box. Nobodies listening to you!

  15. OMG I’m only on the second book but I cannot put it down I’m absolutely loving them and I would definitely love a christian grey, I would love to read it from his side x

  16. Yes I’d love to read Christian’s side. I wanted it to go on more at the end of fifty shades freed. I’m hoping it happens :-)

  17. I LOVED reading the end of Freed in Christian’s POV!! I think I even liked it better than Ana’s POV!! It was fabulous and fun! He is so raw and REAL! Please please I read that chapter over and over, please write it from Christian’s POV!

  18. I would absolutely read the Trilogy from Christian’s POV. I would also love to read a prequel novel about his early life and his relationship with Elena. I think it would give us an even deeper insight into this complicated man.

    And just a random comment – I love that I’m not the only person around who talks about Christian like he’s real. My best friends and I discuss him like he could be walking down the street any minute. At least we’re not alone! I appreciate all the Fifty fans out there who are as crazy as me! :)

    • I feel same my friends have not finished the books yet and feel like they don’t understand lol I keep re reading the books and I’m not tiered off them lol my boyfriend has gone crazy even st work I keep getting my kindle out on breaks I don’t understand y it’s definitely not for kinkyness it’s Christian I want a man to lv me like he love ana lol! Xxx

  19. Omg please write 50 shades in Christian’s perpective, omg that would be great!!!!!!! I agree with every single comment on this page now i’m like dreaming of reading these books again from his side wow… yes please i beg you!!!!!

  20. So I don’t think it should be a movie I think it should be a HBO show so that u can put details in and get everything from the book and not half a** it and have the true feel abt it!

  21. I would love to read the story from Christian’s point of view! In the final book, we get a teezer of how he thinks and how he sees Ana for the first time, it would be a whole new story!

  22. I would love to see at least one book, that explores the begining of christians birth into adulthood and love . It would be a very good read , the little chapter at the end of fifty shades free gives the reader a little taste of this and leaves you wanting more , please please give us more xxx

  23. I would most definately be interested in christians point of view i think it would make an excellent read fingers crossed it happens or we get to see it in a movie :D x

  24. I can’t get enough of mr gray he turns me on, so yes I would love to read the book in his version thank you thank you xo

  25. It has to be done, it would be torture not to I love that very small section where he tells from his side, cant wait. X

  26. oh yes yes yes ….. i would also love my own christian…… im having grey pains coz ive finished all my books and my evenings r lost…..

  27. I would love to read a book/books about Christians side of the story.Look forward to a film and would love to read similar stories deom this author.Fab books and story is brill,very addictive!!! :-)

  28. This is exactly what I felt when I read the last part of trilogy, so I’ve decide to read the book again. It’s very interesting to know Fifty’s POV. The story is rather addicting. I will definitely read the book if she’s going to write one.

  29. I would read all books relating to fifty shades as told by anyone especially Christian. What makes them bettet to read is putting a face to a name. I love Simon Grey the Mentalist as Christin. Excellant books looking forward to more

  30. Would read more of anything Fifty Shades. Using words from the character Ana this book brings a tale of romance from the ” ordinary to extraordinary”.

  31. I’d love to see Christians view!! How he sees Ana, his family, his work, and last, and CERTAINLY least, Mrs.Robinson!!
    I have yet to read the third, and that will be happening very shortly.

    What are your ideas on the cast, of the movie? I’m hoping for Ian, or Matt Bomer….

  32. I must say this trilogy was life changing! I’m extreamly sad that its over and I know myself and plenty of my friends are wanting MORE!!! I would Love Love Love to read it all over again in Christians point of view!!! I have no interest at the moment in reading any other books as nothing will compare or even come close to being as wonderful as these books! I read all 3 in just over a week, I could not bare to put them down and when I was not reading I was thinking about the book and I’m wanting more, MUCH MORE, Please I beg of you, do the trilogy in Mr. Grey’s eyes!!! Your Fabulous, Keep up the fantastic work. Your Brilliant :o)

  33. Would so lv books to be bought out from Christians point of view. I started reading the trilogy last week and have read them 3times and not for the porn cos I don’t get why people call it that when it’s about a love story an intense passionate one that keeps it real with the details of the sex lives!!! I’m truly inlove with the books and hope that they do come out from Christians point of view also hope the movie keeps true to them. Will they b in 3 parts the movie I hope so cos if the do a shopaholic style film which totally ruined te book it would be so disappointing xxx

  34. Please that would be amazing to hear Greys voice and thoughts. I am on the 3rd book and I get pulled into his world, a book you can’t put down Fantastic books and keep it up. So pretty please and hurry to get this book about Greys voice. Cant wait ;)

  35. I think that would b a great book. He is an interesting man who is already in our heart n minds. Reading from his pov would make it even better..

  36. I would love to read the trilogy again but from Christians point of view.We the audience are captivated by this troubled man and would indeed like to find out what really happened to him to make him “fifty” and to be able to read the story again but from his point of view would be fabulous.

  37. I’d love to know what’s going through his head, especially whe she leaves him and he says he has “died a thousand deaths”!!

  38. Absaloultey i want lots more, The single best book i have EVER! read! Im totally addicted and am gutted to be reaching the end of book 3!! please please write more!!

  39. I want to read more mr grey s it the best book iv ever read is there any more out and if so can u send me a list please
    Your thankfully

  40. It would definitely be interesting to read the story from CG’s perspective. Please please write this book.

  41. Yes it would be wonderful to read it from Christian’s perspective. It will give us a great out look on what’s goin on in his mind. Not to mention it will be funny and oh so arousing LOL!!!

  42. Would love to read Mr.Grey’smind… High hopes that Ms. James publish another trilogy based on Christian’s POV. FSF’s ending just made me crave for more…:)

  43. Yes I’d love to read another! Only finished the book a couple of hours ago and I’m missing it already! Best book ever! And Christians point of view would be brilliant!

  44. I finished book one in one day & now 7 hrs into the next day im coming up on the end of the second book, darker. I am hypnotized with this trilogy and I would LOVE to read all 3 over and over again in Ana’s words and also in Christians words. I’m in love with this trilogy.

  45. Please please please! I would live a book from Christians point Of view I finished book free today and now I’m lost without it in lost and need to read more! X

  46. I absolutely fell for the story. It is amazing how you can be so consumed with a love story like this. I would definately continue to read in Christian’s point of view or even a continuance of him,Ana, and their children!!!

  47. I have just finished reading these books and they total had me gripped it’s the first book I’ve read that I couldn’t put down and even the second and third . Would love to read this story from Christians point of view and how he thinks I sure hope they make these books into films I would defiantly go see them .

  48. I finished the third book this morning I felt very content..then there was no more to read and I felt sad and empty..I want to know the ever after I want to know Christians side of the stories his feelings towards Ana they way she disobeyed him and his sexual appeal towards her..I loved these books changed my life I believe..look forward to what happens next..hopefully we don’t have to wait long..

  49. Im not much of a reader but these three books have blown my mind and a re- write from christians view would just be the icing on the cake, as this dark soul of a man still has plenty to reveal and we need more. I was truly gutted when it ended I feel like iv been robbed lol. Best books ever!!

    • We also hope Ms. James chooses to carve out some time upcoming to devote to Christian. It would be terrific for us fans to have it to look forward to!

  50. Please write In Christians point of view. I was(for the first time in my life) a hermit crab for a week reading these books…. But so did not want them to end………

  51. Yes i would love to read the book from christian greys perspective, and would also like ian somerholden from vampire diaries to play the part!

  52. I would have to say that Fifty Shades of Grey is the best romance trilogy that I have read in a while. I am obsessed with Christian Grey. I want a Christian Grey and I will have him. I cannot wait for the movie to be released and I think that Robert Pattinson should play him. He is so beautiful.

  53. I would definitely read the book from Christians’ point of view , it would be delightful and intriguing to hear what would go on in HIS mind instead of it being Ana constantly guessing how to read him!!

  54. OMG! I was kind of sad when i knew three last book was coming to an end but once i saw the epilogue, and meet fifty shade, i became exited all over again. I would love to know what’s going on in his head.i actually find it more interesting. Please add on to the trilogy E L James!

  55. That would be Great! Can you imagine reading his story in his own words. When E.L. James decides to do the prequel, I hope she get somebody with a sexy voice to do the audio version. Because the voice they have now on audio really sucks.

  56. Desperatley require another part to fifty, have been left deflated and wanting more of Christians take on things, How he finally gets to the stage where he can open up to Ana and the pov from other characters in the book. X

  57. I think it would be amaing to bring out the books in christians words. To read and feel how he is feeling through-out the story. Would be the best ever!! Please do it!!

  58. That would be great, that was a cool addition towards the end of Freed, theres sooo much more to know about Christian T. Grey!

  59. Yes. Would live to read Christians story and how he felt being so rich and not having a woman to share it with until Ana came along. Does money really by you happiness?? The fifty shades of grey trilogy was ace and gave me a lot to think about in my own personal life xx pls write more

  60. Hell yeah it wud be amazing from Christians point of view, it wud read like a completely different book I think !
    Cannot wait for some more books my life feels empty without ” fifty” to fill the void xxxx

  61. I would re read the entire trilogy from 50’s pov. I NEED more 50 Shades! For the two weeks it took me to read all three books it completely took over my mind. “I wonder what Christian would say about that’ was a question i replayed in my head countless times. I would always re run the same scene in my head from his pov and let me say in my head its very good. haha. Please oh Please Mr. James!

  62. I would love to read Christians perspective especially since she’s given us some insight already as to what it would be like to read it through Christians dark intense eyes. It’s so dirty just in the those 2 “chapters” wow. But I think Jensen ackles would pull Christian off really well !!

  63. Oh yes I would love to read from Fifty’s point of view. I’ve finished Fifty shades freed today and I’m in love with how they first met in Christain office but from his view. It was wonderful to read. Hoping she rewrites the story of Christian and Ana but from his view this time. Waiting not so patiently!!!

  64. I would absolutely LOVE a book written from Christian’s perspective. I loved at the end of 50 Shades Freed how there was a short writing on how they first met through Christian’s view and what he was feeling. I was immediately enthralled! I think it would be an instant Best Seller! Please, please!

  65. I would love 2 c fifty shades in christians version most defantly they shud keep the same title eg: fifty shades grey christians version, fifty shades darker christians version, fifty shades freed christians version. Make a hole new remmake of his version from inside his head, heart and sole and the effects its all had on him ;) on the last book it left me on a cliff hanger that part of the book should most deffently be added in the first book you do on his side plz plz plz do his version in three books its a heart melting story

  66. I have just finished 50 shades freed and i am now gutted that there isnt a next one :( i love the idea of christians side of the story, and i cant wait till the movie!!!! Need my fix of mr grey ASAP lol xx

  67. YESS PLEASE!! my entire family and friends have read the book in egypt. and we all mentioned the same thing, that we want to read the trilogy in his point of veiw. the auther already gave us a head start in his view with the last chapter, and left us hanging when she said “thats all for (now)” we want more, and cant wait for more!!

  68. please please please write shades of christian ive read all three and dyin to read christians point of view the sooner the better i really hope she writes more

  69. ya defo would iv been trying to find out if there was a possibility of El James writing another one from Christians point i miss the books already lol x

  70. Would be great and would sell well, especially if each “Christian’s version” was released weeks before each of the three movies. The build up would be good press for each movie and would add depth to the movie watching experience.

  71. I think it is absolutely necessary to read Fifty Shades from Fifty Shades POV himself!! I am waiting for more in the near future!!

  72. These books were wonderful and I especially loved the last on Fifty Shades freed, It was a great ending. I can’t wait to see the movie.

  73. i’d like to read Christian’s point of view… please!!! in fact, the last chapter is my favourite..i love the bad side of Christian….

  74. I would absolutely LOVE to read these from Christian’s point of view but I’d also like to jump back from where Freed ended. I think it was a bit too rushed. I would love to know what happened through out Ana’s first pregnancy and how Christian coped. I’d also like to see Christian confront Jack about his obsession and have him tell Jack that he was chosen from the minute the Greys met him. I absolutely LOVE this trilogy and pray for more. This really could continue for a long time if it is taken back a step;)

  75. I am in tears my book ended with the Epilogue and no Christian POV! If anyone out there has it could you please send to my email:
    I know it is a fictional book – but a girl can dream – can’t she?
    Thank you.

    Yes – I would read a book told in Christian’s voice. But would wonder how difficult it would be to do this because the author is a woman. Could she really pull it of – like her 3 books? ( i would hope so)

  76. Just hearing that it could possibly be write a book from christians pov makes me have a lons grin on my face for life. Please let it be matt bommer our cg he is perfect.

  77. as she had done with Anastasia’s thinking I would like to see three more books that show Christian’s way of thinking for each event as well

  78. it would an amazing to see his side of his story and what he thinking what he gonna it would be the best thing ever GAH!!! i hope she does…i just want more and it think this will fulfill everyone answers on what he though about every step of the way till the end

  79. absolutely I would………can’t get enough of our 50 tortured soul that he is……cannot wait for the movie. I hope they do it justice…..

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