Our First Impression of 50 Shades: Who Is “Best Suited” for the Role?

We’ll have plenty of glimpses of Mr. Grey from stills and clips of the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie long before it’s released in theaters, but discussions here have us in agreement that Fifty will be making his first impression on fans when Ana tumbles into his office and looks up at the hand extended to her.

You know what they say: You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Hence the reason men are encouraged to wear a suit on a job interview. We think this would be good advice for any actor who auditions for the role of Mr. Grey, too! But fair warning guys — some men just wear a suit better than others, and fans are expecting the actor to be perfectly tailored to the role of Christian Grey!!

If our first view of Mr. Grey, seen through Ana’s eyes, is as described, “So young–and attractive, very attractive. He’s tall, dressed in a fine gray suit, white shirt, and black tie with unruly dark copper-colored hair and intense, bright gray eyes that regard me shrewdly,” it is imperative that the actor look impeccable in a suit.  (Fifty Shades of Grey, page 7)

The suit is Christian’s armor and establishs his dominating power as a succesful businessman of highly sophisticated tastes.

We look forward to that onscreen first impression of Mr. Grey and revel in the hopes that it will be a cinematic lasting impression.

We thought we’d have a little fun with the Christian Grey composite sketch (source). Below are some of your favorite candidates for Mr. Grey, but we’ve hidden their faces. Based solely on just how well the man makes the clothes, tell us who YOU think is best suited for the role by voting in our poll! Answers and results will be revealed in a future blog post.




Although we think some die-hard fans had their favorites figured out already ;)

#1 – Josh Kloss

#2 – Henry Cavill

#3 – Channing Tatum

#4 – Matt Bomer – WINNER!!!

There was no tricking you ;)

#5 – Joe Manganiello

#6 – Chris Evans

#7 – Robert Pattinson

#8 – Alex Pettyfer

#9 – Jessie Pavelka

#10 – Ryan Gosling

#11 – Taylor Kitsch

#12 – Alexander Skarsgard

#13 – Chris Pine

#14 – Ian Somerhalder

#15 – Chris Hemsworth

#16 – William Levy

#17 – Colin Egglesfield


37 thoughts on “Our First Impression of 50 Shades: Who Is “Best Suited” for the Role?

  1. I messed up. I voted for 9 then realized it and went back to vote for 7. 7 is my first pic but i also like 2, 8, 9 and 17.

  2. Okay… I came across this blog last week and had no idea it was yous guys doing it. Sheesh. Notify the Rob Squad, would ya? I chose #7… Not sure that that’s Rob (not turning in my card), but the skinny tie and stance is a dead ringer if it’s not.

  3. Aside from the composite face, none of these is terrible. For me it’s really more about the acting skills. A lot of actors can do the arrogant, in-charge thing really well, but once you’ve read the whole trilogy, you realize that the character of Christian is all about the vulnerable, wounded, looking-for-love little boy. An actor who can do THAT should play the part. The appearance stuff can be covered with a good tailor, hair color and contact lenses.

    • **SPOILER ALERT** Honey, that’s why Jessie Pavelka is perfect. I especially like that he’s a young father. He doesn’t have to pretend, he just IS.

  4. Christian is described as perfect. All of these sketches are ugly! None of them suit him. Josh Duhmel or Alex O’Laughlin for Christian and Ashley Green for Ana.

  5. I keep coming back to Jessie his face is a little too long for me but he’s got that Greek god every girl is gonna turn and look at him if ya saw him in the street I’ve never seen
    him act though so I’d be worried if he can pull it off…..but was bored n going thru pics and came across chad Michael Murray n maybe with the right hair color……

  6. Number 14 stood out to me the second I saw it. So that is my top choice. Something about the stance.

    After that, my choices are 9 and 1.

    Im interested to know who’s who in the above pics :)

  7. I honestly pictured Ryan Phillipe as Christian the entire book. As for ana I believe Anne Hathaway would do good and it to be a challenging role for her. But for some reason Ryan stuck out because of cruel intentions.

  8. none of these particularly appeal to me as Christain although at a push it would have to be Alexander. Should try Michael Fassbender, right hair and eyes and attitube

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