Producers Brunetti and De Luca Talk ’50 Shades’ with CNBC

CNBC’s Squawk Box spoke with Dana Brunetti and Michael De Luca, co-producers of the upcoming movie adaptations of E L James’s best-selling Fifty Shades trilogy, on yesterday morning’s program.

When co-host Andrew Ross Sorkin asked the team if the erotic book would need to be R-rated, De Luca had this to say:

“That’s correct. The challenge is similar to adapting from any medium. We’re going to treat this like adapting from Ben’s [Mezrich] books or any books or adapting from a play or comic book or magazine article. Anything that’s not film, you get into a process of adaptation, and we’re just going to kind of bring the same criteria to the adaptation of this. Obviously with this, when you’re dealing with something that’s found such incredible mainstream success, you want to preserve everything that’s wonderful about it. The success of this has certainly been breathtaking, and we’re going to honor that in our quest for the perfect adaptation.”

But perhaps the most promising part of the interview came when co-host Joe Kernen asked the following:

“When I think about it, what I know about Fifty Shades of Grey is the b&d and s&m stuff, so I don’t know anything about the plot…. Can you do it in an R-rated fashion…and the plot is good enough to where you don’t have to do porn to make people want to see it?”

To which De Luca replied:

“You should definitely read the book. It’s a beautiful, earnest love story. It’s a ‘first love’ love story. A young love story. And that’s the kind of engine that drives the whole enterprise. It’s really about the arc of a relationship, and that I think will be easy to preserve and must be preserved in any compelling film adaptation.”

We keep saying that we have faith in E L James doing what’s best for her story, her characters, and her fans, especially since she fought to have a voice in the collaboration process. This interview goes a long way in confirming that our faith is not misplaced. It’s easy to see that Brunetti and De Luca “get it.” We’re confident that everyone involved is working hard to find the right screenwriter and director to breathe life into the characters we’ve all come to know and love on the written page.

To watch the video of the interview, go here.

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10 thoughts on “Producers Brunetti and De Luca Talk ’50 Shades’ with CNBC

  1. YAY! I must say this does give me relief. I get SO sick of hearing in the media crying BDSM, BDSM! For me, that is a tiny part of it. Don’t get me wrong, that part is good too HOT. However, it’s hot after they’re together and she likes it.. His NEED to control to hit, is sad IMO.. Anyway, for me the story is about their love, his pain, the reason he IS Fifty, The man who she first meets and the man he ends up is an amazing story! I’m SO glad these two seem get that because God knows, many people do not!

  2. This is what I had hoped and expected to hear from them, I’m glad they did the interview and confirmed it. The BDSM is an important element that drives the story, it’s not what the story is about, which is why I get so frustrated about the press articles out there. They have reconfirmed that this can and likely will be a great movie.

  3. Hurray hurray hurray! Confirmation that E L James has hired the right guys. Fifty Shades is first and foremost a love story, and as long as that gets portrayed in the film I think most fans will be happy.

  4. the books success boils down to women minds stimulated through imagination and wonder.. not through visual as are men, therefore I think the bdsm scenes should be filmed tastefully and not porn-like. Good luck living up to the books!!

  5. True that! I like the book because of their love story. Although the kinkery fuckery sex is an added bonus,the value of the book relies deeply on how Ana and Christian can’t stand being away from each other

  6. I agree FSOG is a love story. However i think they should also focus on why and how this story comes to be. Some people may think BDSM should not be given so much importance in the film, but if not BDSM, there would be no story, really, would there? I love the story from start to finish.

    • We totally agree! It informs their relationship. Fifty is Fifty because of it, and we don’t want to change that about him/them. It’s just nice to hear that the producers get that at its heart, theirs is a love story. So many people dismiss the books because of the BDSM label, and the media wants to focus on that part of it, which is frustrating. The author has always said that it’s a love story with kin. We think they’ll get it right :)

  7. I just want to know who the actors will be that are playing the parts. I am so addicted to these books I hope they do them justice, and the BDSM is a big part of the book, that is how they show each other that they are okay and still love each other. And that is what started their relationship, how he was before her. So please don’t ruin it and make it R but tastey, don’t stray to far from their love story and how protective he is of her. I love that part.

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