50 Shades – The Interview Scene

Today, the Inner Goddesses from the blog have gotten together to discuss the interview scene!
Quite frankly, we were mesmerized by it the first time we watched. The words we had read over and over were coming to life right before our eyes.
Was it as unexpected and surreal for you as it was for us?
We are definitely offering kudos to the actors and team who made the video. The word for word book dialogue is intense, and we were happy to watch it with eager eyes and applaud their efforts.
But for a bit of fun, and maybe even future reference for Ms. James and the Team Fifty she is assembling, we thought we would dissect it a bit. We encourage you to leave your thoughts in the comments. You just never know who will stop by and read them.

Their Looks

Christian: As we stated in the ‘Suits’ post (here), we expect Christian to be dressed impeccably in an expensive and perfectly pressed suit and carry himself with enviable posture as his way of presenting to the world how important control is to him. This Christian is too slouched and his suit too relaxed. Were the sleeves of his suit too short? That was more than just a slight bit of cuff showing.

Ana: The actress is very pretty though much different than how any of us envisioned Ana. Still, that’s not a bad thing. There is some room for variation when it comes time for casting as long as the chemistry is there. We all agreed that the stockings, however, are very un-Ana. In the book, Ana sees her hair as untamable and her outfit very conservative.

Their Demeanor

Christian: He’s calm, and his words never elude him, which is in line with the book, but we expect his delivery to be a little less stern and a little more coy, flirtatious even, while still trying to impress Ana. His expressions should include a bit of a smirk—after all, he wants her at this point (as he admits later in the book), and he knows his words hold a double entendre. He is perhaps toying with her, just to read her reactions.

Ana: She’s neutral. We appreciated how she threw in the “control freak” seemingly under her breath but not really. Ana was nervous and overwhelmed with thoughts of cursing out Kate for the questions and reading into Christian’s answers, none of which were displayed here.

The Flashes

Christian: None of us could get onboard with Christian’s face looking so full of anger as he slipped into his dominant role. (Did anyone else flinch away and have to rationalize that maybe this was a flashback to how he may have been with Mrs. Robinson and a time when she encouraged him to express anger over his mother in playing the role with her?) Christian doesn’t see himself dominating out of anger with Ana. His expression should be more anticipatory of the pleasure he expects to derive from it. Also, what was that cracking sound after the first spanking? Ana never suffered any broken bones! ;)

Ana: We think the kiss was her imagining herself with him. If so, it worked, because it integrated her desire to be kissed by him–a kiss that he controlled. But, Ana was way too naïve to imagine anything with him beyond that. Her dreamy gaze as she thought of him kissing her was there, but we agreed that she acts way too naturally.

But the biggest question that remains from this video is, “Where’s the smolder?”

Where is that piece of Christian Grey—that look, the quirked eyebrow, the presence, the glaring eyes—that speaks to us without him saying a word?

That’s what the fans are looking for most out of the actor who is given this role. That’s what we hope Team Fifty strives for when creating this scene for the movie!

10 thoughts on “50 Shades – The Interview Scene

  1. Ohhhhhhhh nooooooo, i am NOT ready to see any type of clips/vids. I have my 50 in my head and i will wait for the movie. Lol

    • I agree with you… this is good but not Christian or Ana! Great acting though..I hope the directors get it right though!Books are often better than it’s visual component!

  2. I couldn’t agree with this post more. It was all wrong. I commend the actors but it was all wrong. I would add that while the actor did seem to be somewhat commanding, there was never any indication he felt anything for or towards Ana at all. She did not seem shy or out of her element. And I HATED the “scene” I NEVER ever pictured him that angry even when he was angered, I still always saw him pained and anguished. That seemed just flat out evil. *shudders*

  3. The flash scenes of Christian the Dominanat weren’t right, he seemed too angry and efeminate. We expect him to be more intense and less angry. And yes, those stockings were so wrong!
    Crissy & Mags

  4. I whole-heartedly agree. This is not the Christian Grey I invision. He did not have a commanding presence. He wasn’t as tall and muscular as I envision.His suit fit poorly. She was ok, but not very emotional. I agree her stockings were wrong. There was no chemistry between them either. I couldn’t finish watching the video.

  5. I totally agree with everyone else’s comments. This is not how I pictured Christian and Ana at all. There was no chemistry between them, and she wasn’t nervous asking each question or flustered from having fallen down seconds before the interview. The actor who played Christian did do a good job at remembering his lines and being single toned throughout his answering.

  6. I’m just going to agree with what everyone else has said – because I feel the exact same way. Christian should be dominating (no pun intended) the conversation – in a non-angry way. Something about his presence alone and the way he carries himself should reflect his persona, without coming across as stern and well, just angry.
    And Ana is supposed to be shy and “fumbly”.
    Kudos to the actors for doing this – it does give another take on the story. But like others have stated, these two characters have certain personalities that were created for them in the books – and it wasn’t represented here.

  7. I TOTALLY agree with your assessment of this short scene.

    While I agree that it was great to hear the lines spoken, they seemed to be just that. They weren’t *felt* or *acted* correctly IMHO. And who else found the backdrop behind Ana REALLY distracting? What was that all about?

    As for the *scenes* – NO! NO! NO! All wrong. Christian should in no way look so evil and downright livid. I really wouldn’t want to watch a movie with scenes in it like that.

    I certainly hope that the actual film-makers are taking note of this blog – and the comments. And that they manage to cast well. Hope they haven’t bitten off more than they can chew…

    CC x

  8. well thanks for trying…but “Christian” isn’t trying to harm anyone…and this looked more like a man fantasizing about murder than BDSM sex. sheesh! Additionally, the guy needed to be big next to Ana. This guy almost looked petite. “Ana” on the other hand looked like a corn fed farm girl whose body language was flirtatious rather than shy or awkward. sorry guys try again.

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