Fifty Shades of Grey Fanmade Video–We Aim to Please

Here we go! Another fanmade video intentionally acted out based on the book by E L James, which the videographer, Nick Acosta, sent to us directly. Nick is kind of a brave guy taking on this project just for the fun of it, don’t you think?

We’ve watched it, and we really liked it. Is it exactly as we had imagined? No, but we think it strives to fairly represent the book in many ways. Well, except for maybe that pocket door to the RRoP. How do you lock a pocket door exactly? ;) But we give a lot of props to all who were involved in making this video (and the mock movie poster) and greatly appreciate how effectively it brings to life the book’s dialogue and highlights some of the beloved details of the story!

In addition, we really like the scenes he chose to recreate as well as the #50ShadesMontage of clips at the end that tie in to the overall story.

Nick provided us with some background info in case you were wondering!

Has he read the books?

“I’m a young, ambitious filmmaker trying to make my mark and build a career in the industry. I read the books and found the story and characters very interesting.”

Why did he choose FSoG?

“I like to challenge myself as a filmmaker and do things I’ve never done before. Like Christian, “ANOTHER FIRST.” I wanted to tackle the story and shoot a scene. Actually, I wanted to shoot the entire film but just didn’t have the budget for it. I wish we could have done more, but this is the best we could do with the budget, time, and resources we had.”

Is he ready for the criticism of such a task? After all, everyone who loves FSoG has their own opinions.

“We knew (given the popularity) some people would love it and others would probably find it offensive, not being able to let go of what THEY believe the story should be. But to that I say, ‘Hey, you can’t please them all.’ And I’m happy with what we accomplished. Is it EXACTLY how the book SHOULD be as a movie? NO, but given what we had, I’m VERY pleased with it. I would do stuff differently, of course, if I had more time and money. But I have to admit this looks pretty good for low budget. Also, to answer those who ask why we did this, well as Christian would say, ‘BECAUSE I CAN.'”


We love that Nick is such a fan and invested so much of his heart and time into creating this without any backing from a big studio or popular actors. He really DID aim to please in creating this, and we ask that you be respectful to the filmmaker in your comments!

So tell us what your favorite parts of the video are and if any piece of it made you think a little bit differently about how the actual Fifty Shades of Grey movie might actually look.

Does submersing yourself in a fanmade video like this one make you more excited for the movie?

30 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Grey Fanmade Video–We Aim to Please

  1. I think he did a WONDERFUL job! The actors weren’t right of course, I didn’t see fire or passion behind/in Christian. but the concept was great IMO. With just his own time and money, this was amazing! I think Nick has a great future ahead of him! The end montage was my favorite!

  2. I think that despite the low budget and time that you said, is actually pretty damn good! I would change maybe the room, and the actor that plays Christian, phisically I don´t see him much as Christian should be.. BUT his perfomance was AMAZING, both of them. I think they really got the essence of the books. And about the trailer at the end, seriously leave me wanting to see MORE and MORE of it! Great Job!

  3. love it but not what i thought christian would be. but hey low budget right, but how it went was great some parts missing for me. but thoughter then that i loved how they made them come alive.

  4. I love it,..but the girl looked too old at times, not young and innocent enough. The acting just needs to be a lot better and the chemistry.

  5. Considering this was “amateur” — THAT was bloody brilliant, in my opinion.
    Yes, some things were off. BUT WHO CARES!!! THAT totally just got me even MORE pumped up for the movie (if that’s even possible lol).
    The butterflies I felt when I first read the novels — well, felt em again watching this little clip.
    Especially loved the little montage at the end.
    Bravo :)

  6. Nick, well done. I think you captured Ana’s innocent but eager want for Christian, and you got Christian’s laid back confidence getting what he wants when he wants it. I liked the signing of the non-disclosure document scene. Ana’s reaction to it seemed real. The end trailer was great. Good luck to you with your future goals, and thanks for being brave enough to share this with us.

  7. For an amateur movie-maker,mthat certainly didn’t disappoint. I loved seeing them drive along past Pike Place :-)

    I agree with other comments – the actors weren’t totally to my liking (the scar on Ana’s forehead kept distracting me, sorry), and the setting wasn’t entirely right, but for a low budget project this was a good start.

    And yes – it has made me think differently about how the actual movie might look. While it’s all well and good to read about spankings in the book, actually *seeing* them has sort of changed my mind about what I want to see in the movie. Does that make sense? I’m not sure I actually want to see Ana being chastised by Christian. Also seeing him wield the crop in the montage at the end made me feel a little uneasy. Guess I’m just not cut out to be a sub, eh? ;-)

    Thanks for sharing this, and kudos to the movie-maker!

    CC x

  8. Who was singer and where can I fine that song love. I am reading the books over again can’t get enough of it. It was a well Made movie.

  9. Nick, you have me ALL EXCITED ….ALL OVER AGAIN….wanting the movie to come out NOW !!!! You did a fantastic job and I am so ready to see these books played out in the theatre. The expression on Ana’s face when she saw the “Playroom”….PRICELESS !!!! and the montage at the end is superb. I am amazed at how well everything looked. You did so well and I just can’t imagine how anyone who read all 3 books would find any of it offensive. GREAT JOB MAN !!!! I WANT MORE !!!!!!!

  10. I loved it! I thought both actors did a great job, especially Christian…I just wish his hair was a little darker! But, considering the resources, I think it was a great piece of fan film. I also loved the trailer/montage at the end. I do have to agree with cougarchloe, though. I enjoyed the sex and the BDSM while reading the book, where I used my imagination. After seeing the montage with its BDSM references, I’m not so sure I want to see it played out on the big screen. I hope the movie emphasizes the love story, rather than endless sex scenes and a little BDSM thrown in. Thanks to those involved for giving us a hint of what’s to come! It was lovely!

  11. I really did not care for the actors but I really liked the end of the video! The man playing Christian didn’t capture who CG is and Ana….. ehh. Very good short film considering ;)

  12. Wow! Somebody give this guy some money to make the full film! Agreed, wasn’t keen on the CG, but I overlooked that as I was caught up in the tension! Loved the end montage also.

  13. I read the trilogy. I was able to watch the official trailer for the 50 Shades of Grey 2015 valentine’s day movie before I watched this. Things I liked about this fan made video are the details. Details that are not on the trailer. As usual, movies are far different from the book’s story but not this fan made movie. It may be different from how the places are described in the book but it is fan made movie, not a full blast one and that is understandable. Way to go Unrendered Media. I hope you can make a sequel to this. ;)

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