50 Shades Author E L James Appears On The Katie Show

Shy and humble as ever, E L James sat down today with @katiecouric to discuss the cultural phenomenon she has launched.

Katie wore a greyt black leather dress and accessorized it with an adorable blush :)

The online casting poll the Katie show conducted was announced, with Ian Somerhalder edging out Matt Bomer for Christian and Alexis Bledel running away with the Ana votes.

Popular questions about a fourth book and casting were asked as expected, but the author is sticking to her “Never say never” answer about the fourth book and continuing to stay cautiously silent about casting.

Each audience member received a copy of the new @FiftyClassics album from EMI that features 15 tracks that inspired the author while writing and made their way into the books.

They also received a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey, and after the show, the author graciously stayed to greet audience members and sign their books.

Backstage, the author answered Twitter questions sent in by #FSoG fans. This is a greyt first question!

Q: Please ask E L James if she’d consider a small part in her movies like Stephen King does.

A: Well, I’ve actually written myself into the book, as I play a very tiny cameo roll. I might try and do that if I’m asked to. If not, I don’t know. We’ll see. I’d be interested to know if people can find me in the book. Very, very small cameo role.

Watch/listen to the rest of the Q&A here.

Was your question featured?

Do you know which character in the book represents the author?

Here are links to the videos from today’s show that comprise the interview in case you missed it.

There are more bits and pieces from today’s show, so be sure and stop by Katie’s official website here.

For more information on the Fifty Shades of Grey: The Classical Album, go here. The album is also available through iTunes here and Amazon here.

8 thoughts on “50 Shades Author E L James Appears On The Katie Show

  1. I loved E L’s interview with Katie — she’s very charming and unassuming, and I’ll bet that when she’s with friends and feels comfortable, she has a wicked sense of humor. Actually, I thought that her humor showed through in the books frequently. I’m guessing that her cameo role is that she is the dark-haired woman in the lobby of the hotel when Christian & Ana flee Escala in the middle of the night due to Leila’s breaking & entering. Does E L have a Westie to feed tidbits to in real life? The only part of Katie’s show I found frustrating was the “panel” of three men who were commenting. The guy in the middle was OK, but the two on either end just didn’t get it. I suppose that’s to be expected. The books were written by a woman, for women (primarily), and told through the voice and viewpoint of a woman. The two guys on Katie seemed to be particularly hung up on the idea that what women loved so much was that Christian was rich and could take a girl for a ride in his helicopter and his sports car. If they would have bothered to read beyond the first book, (which they admitted they had not done) they would have known that it was abundantly clear that Christian’s money was not the attraction for Ana. In fact, she was constantly trying to distance herself from it. For the character of Ana, and for me in reading the book, it was all about the way they loved each other. Wow…..I appear to be carrying on a bit. Can you tell that I would love to discuss this in depth with other fans? Sorry…..

    • Lol, im the same way when i talk 50. What had me in love with the books is 50’s back story. The reason why he is so fucked up. Its heart wrenching! I keep telling everyone that its not about the sex. Its about the love and what he has to over come to be loved.

  2. Pls Christian Grey is Matt Bomer! but no way to Alexis Bledsoe shes still too rory gilmoregirls or kristian steward whose still Bella to most of us and so tired twilight girl. . cobie smulder from how i met your mother zooey Deschanel or mila Kunis…. maybe . i wish Ana could be played by slightly older so someone like Ginnifer goodwin or Anne Hathaway could play part so well. definite matt bomer could play so darkand so beautiful….hes christian..

  3. NECESITO A Matt Bomer en la pelicula y a Alexis Bledel …… he seguido a Matt como actor en el ladron de guante blanco y es GREY …… no me imagino a otro.
    Los libros son una verdadera pasada,es la historia de amor mejor contada de todos los tiempos,con los 50 dramas y las 50 sombras Anastasia lo ha llevado pero que muy bien y con mucho amor Y el amor que desperto en Grey hizo que todos sus males se fueran desvaneciendo poco a poco ….. aiisss cuanto amor¡¡¡ Gracias E.L. James x todo lo que nos has dado.

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