50 Shades Casting Recommendations

Another list of who should play which roles in the upcoming movie? Nah! We already know we can’t all agree on one choice. But maybe there are some elements to the casting recommendations we can agree on without mentioning any names.

Here are our top 7 casting recommendations:

1. Bring onboard actors that have actually read the books! A lot of actors keep talking about how they haven’t seen a script. There’s a reason for that – it hasn’t been written yet! So why not cast actors who have gone out of their way to read the books and made positive statements about wanting to be a part of the movies?

2. Think promo time – representation will be key! Some actors and actresses are just more comfortable talking about their roles and involvement with a movie than others. Some look at promo time as a chance to really reach out to the fans and say they are proud of the work and hope the fans will enjoy the movie, while others will show up because it’s in their contract, not that we’re mentioning any names.

3. Don’t bring anyone onboard who has a history of not playing nice with his or her costars.  We’ve all heard rumors of various stars not getting along on set over the years. And we’ll dance around a recent dispute between two male co-stars, but we’re not mentioning any names. Let’s save the drama for the story!

4. Bulk up the cast! If relative unknowns are found for the title roles, then support them with some really great well-known, seasoned actors. On the other hand, if major stars are cast in the lead roles, surround them with other recognizable stars, no matter what the cost! Bottom line: The fans have fallen hard for ALL the characters in this story and have envisioned ALL of the roles. We want to see the characters cohesively all come to life and tell their stories.

5. Cast at least some of the actors/actresses against type! Sure it’s easy to identify some of the book characters with other characters we’ve known who have similar qualities, but casting based on that may overlook the talent of various actors/actresses. When it comes to this movie, we are sure all involved will go out of their way to rise to the occasion (no pun intended – maybe).

For instance, perhaps an actor who has previously played a beloved superhero should play Jack Hyde, not that we’re mentioning any names.

And maybe Elena could be played by an actress who is best known for a late ’80s movie in which her character was a lot like Ana – a naive, young woman who was taken with the handsome yet tormented dancing instructor, but we aren’t mentioning any names.

6. Let’s look at the movies as a long-term franchise and be sure we have actors and actresses who are committed to the entire project. Continuity in a franchise means so much! So much is being invested into casting that we’d hate to see stars be replaced in upcoming movies because the original actor decided to walk away from the role, but we’re not mentioning any names.

7. So you think you can act, singer? You know how there are popular singers that decide they would like to try out acting? More power to them, but not all of these crossroadsovers are successful; and because this will be more than one film, let’s agree to gainfully employ actors and actresses who aren’t just testing the waters from their popular music career.

Do you have any casting recommendations for TeamFifty, without mentioning any names?

15 thoughts on “50 Shades Casting Recommendations

  1. I vote Ian Somerhaulder as Christian Grey. In my opinion he is the vision of Mr Grey ! However, for Anastasia, I think she should be an unknown actress or brand new. I see Kate as being Hayden Panettiere. Although with brown hair she could potentionally make an excellent Anna.

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  3. Idk who should play ana and christian, but i know who shouldnt. Alexis bledel -okay shes all innocent looking and was great in gilmore girls and sister good of the traveling pants. But has anybody seen her in her most recent film? Please. Spare us! And mila kunis – i dont like her voice. And i swear if kristen stweart is casted i will refuse to watxh these. And please no channing!

  4. ian somerhalder would be the best choice. while i was reading fifty shades, i really envisioned ian as CG. He’s very good-looking,charming yet very sexy. Christian Grey’s smirking, what-am-i-gonna-do-with-you-anna look, laters baby-expression,the frownings, rolling of the eyes, all can be pictured out in just one guy. Ian Somerhalder. And besides, he’s never mainstream. He’s still fresh in the eyes of most people around the world.

  5. I think there should b newer actors and actresses cast in this/these movies…no Kristen and Rob, no Channing Tatum, no1 we already know in many many movies…unknown actors/actresses or maybe TV stars should do it…even some who were just in one or 2 movies…new talent needs to shine now!!! Everyone loves Robsten…who will b next??? I cant wait to find out!!!!!

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