OFFICIAL Fifty Shades of Grey Merchandise

The official Fifty Shades of Grey line of merchandise is starting to hit stores! E L James was thrilled to see fans wearing t-shirts from Hot Topic on her recent U.S. Book Tour.

The CopCorp Licensing spokesperson we talked to said, “Hot Topic is a retail partner where fans can look for official merchandise. In a few weeks, fans should also be able to find officially licensed merchandise (starting with t-shirts) at Amazon, Icing, and other retailers.”

Fans can look forward to t-shirts, fashion knit tops, hoodies, loungewear, sleepwear, hosiery, and more from licensed retail companies FREEZE Clothing (which includes Hot Topic), Briefly Stated, and HYP.

It was also announced today that the author has partnered with UK company Lovehoney for an official Fifty Shades of Grey Collection of sex toys inspired by the books.


According to Team Fifty, Lovehoney “is for UK, Europe and Australia and we hope to have some news re the US sex toy business very soon.”

Since we’re dealing with an international market, things can be a little confusing. We will do our best to keep you updated as more official merchandise becomes available across the markets. Be sure and check out the “Merchandise” tab at the top of our page when you stop by.

The main thing to keep in mind is that there is a lot of unauthorized merchandise out there. The official brand name is FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. For example, you will be able to identify official apparel because it will have FIFTY SHADES OF GREY printed beneath the graphic design followed by a “TM” (trademark).

We know that Team Fifty appreciates the passion all of us have for celebrating the trilogy. That is why they have worked hard to bring us a quality line of clothing and accessories. We hope you will join us in supporting them!

5 thoughts on “OFFICIAL Fifty Shades of Grey Merchandise

  1. Oh great! Hot Topic! I know Team Jacob is going to want something like that Keep Calm shirt. How do I even explain it to her?

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