Jamie & Dakota Discuss Their Characters

As fans, we already know the characters of Christian and Anastasia so intimately, but it is wonderful to hear the actors portraying the couple speak to their characters just to make sure they truly understand whose shoes (and ties) they are really stepping into!

Based on this interview, it seems Jamie and Dakota really have a handle on not just their characters, but also the love story!

Part 1 Jamie tells us about Christian Grey

Part 2 Dakota tells us about Anastasia Steele

Part 3 Are their characters “iconic”?

And we mimic Dakota’s ending thoughts, “Here’s an inside look at a crazy love story.” Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Special thanks to fiftyshadesofgreyfan.org

Let Me Show You My Play Room….A 50 Shades Parody

Tomorrow is TODAY!! We love this new poster! Watch for it in your local theaters!

And now for a bit of fun! We remained neutral during the casting process. We’ve put our faith in @E_L_James & #TeamFifty. We’ve connected with fans and welcomed the cast choices. We’ve stayed steady in our unwavering support of the film process.

But…we like to have our fun too once and a while by giggling over the many parodies–those that are done out of love and support, that is. So as we patiently wait for tonight’s debut of the second official Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer along with our fellow fans, we thought we’d throw in a little funny to hold you over!

“Let Me Show You My Play Room

vlcsnap-2014-07-24-06h28m10s222“I just have a couple of questions….”

vlcsnap-2014-07-24-06h28m23s98What about you? I’d like to hear more about you.

(thinking back)  He was polite, intense, smart, really excited for the holidays. . .”


And as I watched her get in the elevator and leave, I was already convinced that this is the kind of girl that I could have fun with.  

So I tracked her down and asked her out for coffee.

When she hesitated, I had to be clear with her about who I am.


That did the trick,

but over coffee she indicated that my life

must be really boring. My life?! When here I was thinking that all work and no play was making Anastasia Steele a very dull girl.

And that’s the exact moment when I thought….


She agreed to having a play date with me at my place.

Oh, I couldn’t wait to show her.

Found Santa’s magic key to use!


And opened the door!


I couldn’t look at her face but I bet she looked happier than a kid on Christmas morning! Is she smiling because smiling’s my favorite!




Hold everything! 


Just wait right here while I go put on my special playroom attire!

Promise me Anastasia that you won’t go in and start having fun without me or else…

someone’s gonna end up on the Naughty list!


I’m back, Anastasia, I’m back!!!


Welcome to my Red Room of Play! Isn’t it fantastic?


Dear Will Ferrell, how did you not think of this as a skit for your Funny or Die series?

Okay, we’re going to stick to the supportive stuff from now on, but know that as fans we can poke a little fun at of our love for the books and fictional characters when its done all in good humor! And anything beyond that…we can shake off!


See you all on twitter tonight between 8 pm and 9 pm EST for your reactions to the newest trailer!

Photos & Stills credits: Google Images, JamieDornanNews & @JamieDornan_org
Special thanks to our friend @PaigeTurner for her help on this post.

It’s All About the Grey! Universal Releases Teaser to Upcoming Second FSoG Trailer!

Set to Beyonce’s song, Haunted, as heard by the original audience of the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer shown at CinemaCon, the new teaser was released today by Universal Studios.

Based on the first trailer, we knew Ana thought Mr. Grey was polite, intense, smart, & really intimidating. With this new teaser, we can certainly add a few more attributes to the list!

The full trailer is expected to be released next week!

We can’t wait!

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The Fifty Shades of GreyTrailer is here!

The stars of Fifty Shades of Grey, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, sat down to be interviewed this morning on the Today Show. The interview included the unveiling of a modified trailer!

Here’s the full trailer!

So many thoughts on this! Share yours in the comments and we’ll share ALL of ours (and some of yours) in our next post, once we are sure we are able to coherently present them.

Slow Burn

When E L James posted the original version of Fifty Shades of Grey online as fanfiction, under a different title, chapter by chapter, we were there! We were subscribed to the story and received an email stating there was a new update. As readers who were hooked on the story, (don’t tell our bosses) when that update alert came through, we stopped what we were doing in most cases to read the new chapter and to find out what our dear Fifty Shades would do next.

Publishing a story via this medium allowed a certain amount of freedom for the author and a completely different reading experience than we were used to with reading books! I fondly remember the chapter with the game of pool. The chapter was set up at that point that the bet was made, but we didn’t know who would win. At the end of the chapter, E L James asked her readers to comment in the reviews who we thought should win the game. Did reader answers play into the author’s decision or was she just looking for reader reaction and insight into her characters at that point? We aren’t sure. But we DO know that as readers we were being asked for our opinion about this developing story that we had all become so invested in and looked forward to reading each week. In the end, it didn’t matter who sunk that last ball in the game of pool, as long as the author continued writing for us, her fans, and kept working to complete the story!

In her author notes at the beginning of the chapter E L James usually liked to thank her proofreader (her husband), let us know she was locking herself away to keep writing, and in a way to acknowledge us and remind us to keep reading her story, she often offered us two simple words:


We have made it through the completion of the fanfiction stories, parts 1 & 2

and then eagerly awaited the release of each of the published books in the trilogy

then thrilled with the news of the movie

and slowly awaited the casting announcements

only to go through the process all over again when a new Christian was needed

happily looked forward a summer release date of the movie, only for it to be pushed back.

And now….with just over a day to go until the trailer is shown on The Today Show Thursday morning….we are getting more snippets of slow burn including this radio commercial!


We’ve been burning for all things Fifty Shades for four years now…and yet we know these hours prior to seeing the trailer are going to be the slowest burn of all. 

The Countdown is On!


The countdown is on for the trailer to be shown this Thursday, July 24th, as officially announced by E L James on twitter.

Remember that time Natalie Morales of The Today Show teased us with a picture of herself standing with FSoG director, Sam Taylor-Johnson, on the set of FSoG? Yes, well the running theory is that we will finally see her interviews with the cast on The Today Show this week in conjunction with the release of the trailer, possibly with an introduction to the trailer pre-recorded by Jamie and Dakota.

With less than a week left until we can all finally see the first movie trailer, let’s take a minute to recap how exciting it has been to be a Fifty Shades of Grey fan lately!

Back in June…

In celebration of Christian Grey’s birthday on June 18th, Fifty Shades of Grey author, E L James, announced she would host a giveaway on her author site to win the Red Room of Pain Keychain she had previously shared a picture of on her Instagram account.



There was a bit of technical difficulty brought on by the sheer multitude of fans who clamored to enter the giveaway that delayed the contest.

Once back up and running, entries were taken and the winner was announced on EL James’s blog! Congratulations again to a lucky fan named Kimberle in the US! And the rest of us are left up to our own devices when it comes to the playroom, key fob that is! You can order our own via Amazon here!

In the meantime, to celebrate Christian Grey’s birthday, Universal treated fans by releasing the first official frontal still of Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey. Here he is, presumably tucked inside his favorite car, the Audi R8 Spyder.

Jamie Dornan Fifty Shades of Grey film

The intensity of Mr. Grey achieved.

Photo Credit:  The Guardian

Finally a patriarch….

Mr. Carrick Grey, or as Marcia Grey Harden (@beloving2) likes to refer to him, the papa Grey to her mama Grey was finally announced on imdb.com. We look forward to seeing experienced character actor, Andrew Airlie, in the role as Christian’s father. A big welcome to him!

A love story unfolds before our very eyes…

The next great love story of our generation IS Ana and Christian but a close second just might be:

FSoG producer, Dana Brunetti and singer/actress, Kristin Chenoworth! They’re just too cute not to include at least once!!!

Surprise gift…

Just last night FsoG fans were amazed when a teaser of the trailer (!!!!) showed up from an unexpected source! On her I Instagram account, Beyonce posted a delicious amuse-bouche, just enough to whet our appetites!


A video posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

We’re salivating and ready for more!

When the trailer was shown at CinemaCon, it was previously reported in this Huffington Post article (here) that Beyonce’s song “Haunted” played in the background. People Magazine reports that the teaser uses a slowed down version of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” and questions if Beyonce will be on the soundtrack. Our answer is, “Why wouldn’t she be?” In the spirit of Whitney Houston and Celine Dion, we have no doubt that Beyonce could pull off a fantastic chart-topping hit song to accompany this movie!

If you go back and read the Huffington Post article, you’ll be able to match up some of the scenes from what was described by those who were at CinemaCon and what was in the teaser, including the door being opened. This gives us a lot of hope that on Thursday we will indeed get a glimpse of that famous elevator kiss!

We’ll be on twitter on Thursday looking to share your reactions to the trailer! See you then!