THR’s 2012 ‘Rule Breakers’ Includes E L James

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “No one had more of an impact on publishing in 2012 than E.L. James.” The FSoG fandom couldn’t agree more!


The books’ success got publishers to take fan fiction and the threat of self-publishing seriously. (Grey began as a Twilight-inspired online story before snagging a seven-figure advance from Vintage.)

“I didn’t go through an agent and wait six weeks while they decided,” says the married mother of two teenage sons of her nontraditional path. The great thing about being an author, confesses James — even a best-selling one — is that “I can still get on the [subway] without being recognized.”

Those of us who have been a part of the fanfiction world for a long time know that E L James has now become the Oprah of fanfic. (Ironically enough, there are four different covers for the ‘Rule Breakers’ issue, and Oprah is featured on one of them.)

The door was only open a crack for fellow fanfic writers before Fifty Shades came along and flung it wide open. We’re thrilled to see other authors/stories getting mainstream recognition, such as Sylvain Reynard (Gabriel’s Inferno/Gabriel’s Rapture), J M Darhower (Sempre), Debra Anastasia (Poughkeepsie), Alice Clayton (Wallbanger), and Christina Lauren (Beautiful Bastard).

Hollywood is clearly taking notice too, having recently secured the rights to Sempre. With the support of a built-in fan base behind them and a growing number of new fans, we won’t be surprised if more fanfic authors find themselves landing a major publishing deal and/or getting an “I nearly fell off my chair” email that Hollywood has come calling.

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One more time… Congrats, E!