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To celebrate our favorite author and her husband on UK’s World Book Day, we’re giving the gift of books with two (2) $25 Amazon Gift Cards . . . because everything needs to add up to Fifty ;)

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Giveaway ends 3/9/14 at 12:00 am EST. Each winner will need to provide an email address to claim their $25 gift card. Good luck!

Fifty Shades of Holiday Shopping

Whether it’s someone asking you what you want for Christmas, introducing someone to the world of FSoG, that hard-to-buy-for-person on your gift list, finding something special for your significant other, or the inevitable buying something for yourself while shopping… Don’t forget there are some great official Fifty Shades of Grey merchandise options!
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Happy gift giving/getting!

Gabriel’s Redemption Cover Reveal Plus Q and A With Sylvain Reynard

*puts finger to lips* Shhhhhh. Don’t tell Fifty, but today’s post is about our other book boyfriend – Professor Gabriel O. Emerson.

Fifty Shades of Grey


I am indebted to the following people for their help and support:


To SR, thank you for all the helpful advice from the start and for going first.

For those of you who don’t know, SR is the one and only Sylvain Reynard…friend and confidante of E L James, former Twilight fanfiction writer (The University of Edward Masen [UoEM]), and bestselling author of Gabriel’s Inferno and Gabriel’s Rapture.

Gabriel’s Inferno and Gabriel’s Rapture left old fans and new fans alike wanting to read more about the beloved main characters, Gabriel and his Julianne. SR’s response?

gabriel's redemption official cover


“Professor Gabriel Emerson has left his position at the University of Toronto to embark on a new life with his beloved Julianne. Together, he’s confident that they can face any challenge.  And he’s eager to become a father.

But Julianne’s graduate program threatens Gabriel’s plans, as the pressures of being a student become all consuming. When she is given the honor of presenting an academic lecture at Oxford, Gabriel is forced to confront her about the subject of her presentation – research that conflicts with his own. And in Oxford, several individuals from their past appear, including an old nemesis intent on humiliating Julia and exposing one of Gabriel’s darkest secrets.

In an effort to confront his remaining demons, Gabriel begins a quest to discover more about his biological parents, beginning a chain of events that has startling repercussions for himself, Julianne, and his hope of having a family.”

The final installment of what is now known as Gabriel’s Trilogy will make its debut on December 3, 2013. You can pre-order via Amazon (print and ebook) here.

We asked SR to take part in a game we played with Ms. James (here), offering him six ‘Would you rather . . .’ questions. Of course we had to throw in our 50 cents. ;)

1.  Fun night out at a Maple Leafs game or classic rock concert? I’m a Habs fan so it would have to be the concert. The Leafs…. (shakes head). 

*We wonder how many times SR has seen The Police in concert…

2.  Buy a lady jewelry or shoes? Jewelry. Definitely. Although I can admire footwear as much as the next person, provided the next person is not the Professor.

*We’re of the opinion that one can never go wrong with gemstones.

3.  Fancy yourself more like Indiana Jones or Hans Solo? Indiana Jones. He has the better sense of style – specifically, glasses and argyle socks.

*Ah, yes, we see the resemblance! Hmmm…inspiration comes in many forms.

4.  Ballroom dancing or slow dancing at home? Slow dancing at home, clothing optional.

*Oh my!

5.  Tropical island paradise or quiet lake house retreat? Quiet lake house retreat in a remote location untouched by civilization, but with indoor plumbing, air conditioning, and wireless so I can stay in touch with readers. Oh, and a self-catering, fully stocked bar. Let me know when I can pick up the keys. Thank you.

*We can accommodate you here in the US and provide you with fresh-baked cupcakes! Please have your passport ready!

6.  Kid at heart or Wise beyond your years? Depends on the day or my proximity to the Thinkgeek website.

*Just when we were thinking Indiana Jones may have inspired SR when he created The Professor’s choice in bow ties… Now we are left wondering if it was really Doctor Who’s influence.

photo courtesy:

To keep track of SR and his argyle socks, click on the links: WebsiteTwitterFacebookGoodreads

Thanks to SR and SR’s publicist Enn Bocci (@ennbocci) for letting us be a part of the cover reveal for Gabriel’s Redemption!

If you’re a fan of The Professor, like us, then go check out the six ‘Would you rather…’ questions with The Professor here.

Fifty Shades #1 On Amazon’s Best Adult Books of 2012

When it comes to customer favorites, it is no surprise that this was clearly the year of Fifty Shades. While the first two books in the series were published in 2011…, the third in the series was published this year and promptly became a customers’ runaway favorite.

  • 2012 Top 10 Customer Favorites in Adult Books (print and Kindle.):
    #1 – Fifty Shades Freed by E L James
  • Top 100 Adult Print Books of 2012
    #1 – Fifty Shades Freed by E L James
    #2 – Fifty Shades Trilogy 3-volume Boxed Set by E L James
  • Top 100 Adult Kindle Books of 2012
    #1 – Fifty Shades Trilogy 3-volume Boxed Set by E L James
    #4 – Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James

To celebrate, Amazon has all of their “Best Books of the Year” on sale.

Congrats, E L James and FSoG fans!

Hardcover Collector’s Edition of Fifty Shades Trilogy Being Released in U.S.

Time to start dropping hints to your significant other! The hardcovers will be available just in time for Valentine’s Day ;)

From USA Today:

On Jan. 29, Doubleday will release 200,000 copies of Fifty Shades of GreyFifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed in hardback for $26.95 each. There also will be a shrink-wrapped set of the three books for $80.85.

Why the new format? “As interest in the Fifty Shades trilogy has grown, readers have been asking for hardcover editions of the books,” says James’ publisher Anne Messitte in an e-mail. “These new hardcovers include unique production elements, making them the ultimate collector’s editions for readers of the trilogy.”

Photo: Jack Gruber, USA TODAY

We think the jacket covers are beautiful and love the special bonus features:

  • red silk ribbon attached for use as bookmark
  • author’s signature, “Laters Baby, E.L. James X,” embossed in silver

As all good fans know, there’s just something exciting about being able to add to your collection!


The hardcovers are now available for preorder on Amazon. Go here.

Source: Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy Facebook Page

OFFICIAL Fifty Shades of Grey Merchandise

The official Fifty Shades of Grey line of merchandise is starting to hit stores! E L James was thrilled to see fans wearing t-shirts from Hot Topic on her recent U.S. Book Tour.

The CopCorp Licensing spokesperson we talked to said, “Hot Topic is a retail partner where fans can look for official merchandise. In a few weeks, fans should also be able to find officially licensed merchandise (starting with t-shirts) at Amazon, Icing, and other retailers.”

Fans can look forward to t-shirts, fashion knit tops, hoodies, loungewear, sleepwear, hosiery, and more from licensed retail companies FREEZE Clothing (which includes Hot Topic), Briefly Stated, and HYP.

It was also announced today that the author has partnered with UK company Lovehoney for an official Fifty Shades of Grey Collection of sex toys inspired by the books.


According to Team Fifty, Lovehoney “is for UK, Europe and Australia and we hope to have some news re the US sex toy business very soon.”

Since we’re dealing with an international market, things can be a little confusing. We will do our best to keep you updated as more official merchandise becomes available across the markets. Be sure and check out the “Merchandise” tab at the top of our page when you stop by.

The main thing to keep in mind is that there is a lot of unauthorized merchandise out there. The official brand name is FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. For example, you will be able to identify official apparel because it will have FIFTY SHADES OF GREY printed beneath the graphic design followed by a “TM” (trademark).

We know that Team Fifty appreciates the passion all of us have for celebrating the trilogy. That is why they have worked hard to bring us a quality line of clothing and accessories. We hope you will join us in supporting them!

The Summer of Fifty Shades of Grey—NY Times Video

In this new video narrated by David Gillen, Deputy Business Editor of The New York Times, key people in the publishing industry weigh in on the impact of author E L James’s Fifty Shades Trilogy on the already successful romance genre industry. Check out the video here: 50 Shades Widens Romance

Safe to say we can all agree with Gillen’s opening statement. “It’s been the summer of Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Sara Nelson, Editorial Director of Books and Kindle, Fifty Shades of Grey, the trilogy, the four books—we at Amazon talk about them as four books; there are three in the trilogy and then there’s an omnibus edition—and those are the top of our bestseller list for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks now. So, to the romance business, they’re hugely important. To books in general, they’re enormously important.”

The books are also luring a new kind of reader to the genre.

Stacy Agdern, Romance Specialist, Posman Books: “I think what it comes down to, at least with Fifty Shades of Grey, is that because it’s so popular, people throw away their preconceived notions of what a romance novel is. Or even more specifically, what an erotic romance novel is; and they discover that in these books, sex is written as something the characters are both taking pleasure out of.”

Audrey Goodson, Editor, Romantic Times Book Reviews: “I think the romance community loves Fifty Shades just because it’s brought so many non-romance readers to the genre. I mean, it’s introduced a lot of people to some authors that maybe they hadn’t recognized or hadn’t read before, and we love it.”

The popularity of @E_L_James’s books is also changing the way publishers look for talent.

Paul Bogaards, Spokesperson, Knopf Doubleday Publishing: “In the old days, it was a kind of cloistered and closed network. Agents would submit books to publishers, and publishers would either accept or reject them. But now, of course, you know, everybody’s going further afield. You have agents and publishers both reading blogs. You know, you have writers who are building out their own platforms.”

Audrey Goodson, Editor, Romantic Times Book Reviews: “For me, I think the biggest change that Fifty Shades will have on publishing is that it clearly is ushering in an era of self-publishing being a viable route for writers.”

Paul Bogaards summed it up best when he said, “There’ve been a lot of voices raised about the pro and con for the trilogy but at the end of the day, the readers have their vote. And, you know 25 million readers can’t be wrong.”

Source: The New York Times