E L James is USA TODAY’s Choice For Author of the Year

Greyt choice!!

USA TODAY‘s decision is based in part on the fact that “…an unknown Brit proved that Americans can be passionate, feverish, even obsessive readers,” and that the Fifty Shades Trilogy has sold 35 million copies this year in the USA alone.

With corresponding movies in the works, there’s no sign of things slowing down any time soon, either. Yet despite the whirlwind that has become ‘The Year of Fifty,’ the author is finding time to rework her first novel, which she tells USA Today may end up being two novels when all is said and done.

Q: Have you set a publication date for your new novel?

A: No pub date.

Q: Another trilogy?

A: I think it will be two books.

To read the online article, click here. To read the rest of the Q&A, which includes hot topics such as casting Fifty Shades of Grey and a fourth Fifty Shades book told from Christian’s POV, click here.

We will never get tired of saying this… Congrats again, E!

Q&A with Fifty Shades Trilogy Author E L James via THR

This interview was done in conjunction with The Hollywood Reporter’s (@THR) first ever ’25 Most Powerful Authors’ list, which E L James was named to. (Read more here.)

E L James THR

In the interview, the author opens up about dealing with her success, bringing members of #TeamFifty onboard, fan interest in a fourth book from Christian’s POV, and the books’ roots in #Twilight fanfiction, just to name a few hot topics.

To check out the entire Q&A, go here.

50 Shades Author E L James Appears On The Katie Show

Shy and humble as ever, E L James sat down today with @katiecouric to discuss the cultural phenomenon she has launched.

Katie wore a greyt black leather dress and accessorized it with an adorable blush :)

The online casting poll the Katie show conducted was announced, with Ian Somerhalder edging out Matt Bomer for Christian and Alexis Bledel running away with the Ana votes.

Popular questions about a fourth book and casting were asked as expected, but the author is sticking to her “Never say never” answer about the fourth book and continuing to stay cautiously silent about casting.

Each audience member received a copy of the new @FiftyClassics album from EMI that features 15 tracks that inspired the author while writing and made their way into the books.

They also received a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey, and after the show, the author graciously stayed to greet audience members and sign their books.

Backstage, the author answered Twitter questions sent in by #FSoG fans. This is a greyt first question!

Q: Please ask E L James if she’d consider a small part in her movies like Stephen King does.

A: Well, I’ve actually written myself into the book, as I play a very tiny cameo roll. I might try and do that if I’m asked to. If not, I don’t know. We’ll see. I’d be interested to know if people can find me in the book. Very, very small cameo role.

Watch/listen to the rest of the Q&A here.

Was your question featured?

Do you know which character in the book represents the author?

Here are links to the videos from today’s show that comprise the interview in case you missed it.

There are more bits and pieces from today’s show, so be sure and stop by Katie’s official website here.

For more information on the Fifty Shades of Grey: The Classical Album, go here. The album is also available through iTunes here and Amazon here.

Fifty Shades Rumors: True or False?

#TeamFifty consists of @E_L_James @UniversalPics @FocusFeatures @MichaelDe_Luca and @DanaBrunetti.


As the producers have tweeted, meetings have been taking place with screenwriters. We would imagine they are close to making an announcement. However, both a screenwriter and a director need to be added to the team before official casting can begin according to producers Michael DeLuca and Dana Brunetti.


A fourth book, told from a much anticipated Christian’s point of view, is on the way. 


Author @E_L_James continues to graciously answer this question for #FSoG fans. Her mantra remains “Never say never.” But for now, the answer is no.


There is an official Fifty Shades Magazine.


The magazine on stands now is unofficial and unauthorized. While we love that some of our twitter tweeps are mentioned in it, and deservedly so, statements like “BOOK 4 ON THE WAY!” are not coming from Team Fifty.


@fiftyshadesUK announced the sale of a limited edition hardback set of the Fifty Shades trilogy in the UK, and it will soon be available in the US.


According to the author’s agent, there is a plan to make this happen. We should have details very soon!


Tweets regarding casting.

Bret Easton Ellis ‏@BretEastonEllis
Just got inside information that James Deen is actually in the running to play Christian in “Fifty Shades of Grey” with E.L. James support.

Bret Easton Ellis ‏@BretEastonEllis
“Fifty Shades of Grey” will be budgeted at 12-15 million and James Deen is on the list of actors to play Christian Grey according to source.


Michelle Brown @Michjan
@E_L_James Morning, for the fifty shades of grey movie is James Deen really gonna play Christian? I’m sorry but he doesn’t suit the part.

E L James @E_L_James
@Michjan News to me!!!

Michelle Brown @Michjan
@E_L_James I just saw that he had ur support to play the part of Christian but he’s not what u described in ur book. He’s not Christian.

E L James @E_L_James
@Michjan It’s just a rumour and it’s not true.

scarlett @gbcaramia
@BretEastonEllis @DarlasDesigns @E_L_James “James Deen is actually in the running to play Christian..” ARE U KIDDING ME? If so, I’m done.

E L James @E_L_James
@gbcaramia News to me… (sighs) @DarlasDesigns


Tweet regarding #FSoG screenwriter, budget, and casting Ana.

Bret Easton Ellis ‏@BretEastonEllis
Fifty Shades of Grey movie will DEFINITELY be written by a woman and the budget will be below 15 million. Ana will be played by an unknown.


There’s a 50/50 chance the screenwriter will end up being a woman ;)

No word on the budget, nor would we be the ones to have that information.

Pretty sure it goes without saying that casting has not begun, not that we are opposed to an unknown being cast.


Robert Pattinson will not be considered for the role of Christian Grey.


linda severdija ‏@lindas106
@karrobertson @latersbaby5050 the sad part @E_L_James does not want Rob to play Christian and it’s quite upsetting @FiftyShadesFilm

FiftyShadesFilm ‏@FiftyShadesFilm
@lindas106 No @E_L_James didn’t say that and has repeatedly said that was a misquote. @LatersBaby5050 @karrobertson
Retweeted by E L James

The bottom line is that no one has been ruled out because…say it with us now…it’s too early for casting ;)


@Noghar, husband of @E_L_James, has a new book (Crusher) available for presale. He discusses it and the fifty shades that now color their lives in a new article for The Guardian. 


Please see our previous post for complete details :)


We will continue to bring you official news as soon as it becomes available.


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