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This is the 5th year for the awards, which honor “the best in social media; recognizing the people and organizations producing real-time short content across Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Foursquare and the rest of the social web.”

As most of you know, the author truly appreciates her fans and is very approachable, especially through her presence on Twitter.

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E L James Asks Fans Who They Want To Play Christian Grey

She’s either very brave . . . or her Twitter account was hacked into ;D

E L JamesE L James ‏@E_L_James

So… who do you want to play Christian Grey in the movie?

Here’s your chance to tell the author herself who your favorite for the role is! Just find the Tweet in her Twitter timeline and reply if you haven’t already.

50 Shades Author E L James Tours the Land of Fifty

With the author’s second U.S. book tour taking her to Washington and Oregon, she finally got to visit locations that she brought to life in the Fifty Shades Trilogy.

For those of you not able to follow along as the story unfolded, here is a montage of images from her Twitter timeline and the official Fifty Shades Trilogy Facebook page.

E L JamesE L James ‏@E_L_James

Seattle :’) 

You can see the Space Needle @AFMtoo 

Pike Place Market 

First Starbux :) 

The Sound :) 

Elliot Bat Marina 


@E_L_James the 6 letters of the alphabet that can make millions of women squeal!!! #Escala #homeOfTheKinkyFuckery

Space Needle from the Escala penthouse :) 

From Official Fifty Shades Trilogy Facebook Page

Balcony :) 

Escala roof :D 

From Official Fifty Shades Trilogy Facebook Page

Wine Cellar at Escala… :D 

@E_L_James The smile on your face says it all, E . . . your inner goddess is doing jumpy claps :)

E L JamesE L James ‏@E_L_James

Cosmo…at the Zig Zag Cafe :D #excellentcosmopolitan 

@E_L_James at the Zig Zag.. ? Sawyer will be in trouble for this and so will you. LOL

E L JamesE L James ‏@E_L_James

Seattle Rocks. I love it.

From Official Fifty Shades Trilogy Facebook Page

Today’s catch Pike Place Market 

Sbux…from the original Sbux – Latte. Simple. Perfect. Yum. 

Beautiful view…Kate and Ana live close by… 

@E_L_James looking at all your photos, I feel like I’m walking around inside your books!!! Love them!! Thanks for sharing with us all xxxxxx

E L JamesE L James ‏@E_L_James

For those who might enjoy fishing.. 

Thanks for a wonderful stay. <3 

@E_L_James OMG…this is where C&A stayed when Leila was aftr them

@dec39sag it is…and the Fairmont put me in the suite it’s bigger than my house!

@E_L_James is it the same suite Ana and Christian stayed in? X

@fiftyjojo Yes. And now I have stayed there :) #ItWasWonderful

Cascade suite :) 

Sweet dreams :) 

Dining room behind… 

@E_L_James You do know you’ve forever changed how we view pianos, right? ;)

Dining room 

Close… :D 



E L JamesE L James ‏@E_L_James

Many an hour spent here 

For my favourite neighbourhood megalomaniac 


Good books :D 

Student Newspaper 

View from my bed… 


@E_L_James would it be too forward to say I wanna be in your bed? *waggles eyebrows*

@Jburdick1 Come snuggle… room has been redone… normally they have sunbursts above the bed. :)

@E_L_James I sooo wish I could! Ooohhh the Heathman? Very nice! I’m loving the pics by the way! I’m living vicariously through you ;)

E L JamesE L JamesVerified@E_L_James

Goodbye :’) 

A special thanks to E L James for sharing her epic trip in real time with fans. As surreal as it was for us, we can only imagine what it was like for her!

To see more pictures, check out her Twitter timeline (@E_L_James) and the official Fifty Shades Trilogy Facebook page (here).